Roofing Repair & Replacement

Roof repair is another specialty at Haggai Construction and Development. We perform targeted roof repair as well as complete roof replacement. All work is supervised and spot checked to insure that work quality and execution meets our exacting standards.

Roof leaks can sometimes occur in problem areas like roof valleys, intersections between dormer walls and roof surfaces. Chimney and skylight perimeters can also be problem areas. Leaks can occur anywhere water runoff is heavy or where two opposing surfaces meet.

Roof leaks can occur as a result of tree or branch impact. Sometimes the build up of leaves and debris can hold water, causing deterioration and wood rot. Leaks can and will eventually occur over time. But with quality craftsmanship and materials (and basic maintenance) your roof can be leak free for decades.

At Haggai, we have the technical training, personnel and experience to perform:

  • complete roof installation
  • targeted roof repair
  • gutter repair or installation
  • skylight leak repair
  • drip edges
  • chimney flashing
  • continuous flashing
  • step flashing
  • valley flashing
  • vent pipe flashing

These are all targeted areas where roof leaks can develop. So it pays to be experienced in these areas. When repairs are nearly finished, we spot check that all work is seamless. And then of course we water test the repair. Naturally, we cover all these details in new roof installation as well.

We are not the “cheapest” option for roof repair or replacement in Tallahassee. But our quality stands the test of time. At Haggai, the value of our execution and expertise – like your roof – will endure.